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Top-Rated Environmental Damage Lawyer | Environmental Injury Lawyer 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that in 2020, the United States experienced 22 major natural disasters.  Each of these disasters resulted in damages exceeding $1 billion.  Environmental disasters, whether caused by nature or a company's negligence, have a significant impact on property, health, and environment. These disasters greatly affect the people living in the affected regions.

Disasters like oil spills or toxic gas leaks can cause health problems and economic damage due to lost money and resources.  Our qualified environmental damage lawyers can help secure justice if you're affected. Reach out and learn about your rights to compensation.

Reach out to The G Law Group who specializes in handling cases against big companies to learn about your rights and get fair compensation.

Environmental Disasters Affect Everyday People

Environmental disasters deeply impact individuals and communities, often due to corporate negligence. These incidents can devastate income, particularly for those in environmentally dependent industries, causing prolonged suffering for individuals and their communities.

A vivid example is the BP oil spill which still haunts Gulf Coast residents.  The oyster industry has declined due to oil damaging reefs.  Reefs are crucial for the Gulf Coast ecosystem and serve as homes for sea creatures. According to NOAA, fishermen are returning empty handed without any oysters.

Coastal communities continue to struggle, as they await compensation that someone promised has not yet realized.  When corporations cause harm and inadequately compensate those affected, it falls on the victims to demand fair treatment. In such scenarios, consulting with a qualified environmental lawyer is advisable.

What is Environmental Property Damage?

Environmental property damage can occur due to natural disasters or improper disposal and storage of toxins and pollutants in communities.  Polluted water or waste spills can harm communities. These events can have severe or life-threatening effects on people who come into contact, even briefly.


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How Much is my Environmental Disasters Case Worth?

If an environmental disaster caused by corporate negligence has significantly impacted your life, you're entitled to compensation.  Common damages awarded in environmental lawsuits include:

  • Emotional distress

  • Lost quality of life

  • Physical pain and suffering

  • Loss of consortium

  • Reputation damage

  • Inconvenience

  • Lost wages

  • Diminished earning potential

  • Skin scarring/disfigurement

  • Medical expenses including equipment

  • Property damages

  • Loss of household services

Courts may also award punitive damages in cases of gross negligence or reprehensible conduct by the liable party.  These damages serve as a reprimand for this type of reckless behavior.  This list provides a few examples of potential recoveries in environmental disaster lawsuits.

What are Common Types of Environmental Disasters? 

Here are a few examples of environmental disasters and their harmful impact on your well being.


  • Hurricane destruction- Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey caused extensive damage to property, loss of life, and lasting environmental changes.

Gold King Mine waste spill


Polluted air- Industrial operations and vehicle emissions across the country contribute significantly to air pollution, leading to respiratory illnesses and adversely impacting natural environments.

  • Lead paint- Decades of using lead paint in homes and properties across the U.S has exposed many, particularly children, to toxic lead particles, leading to health issues such as developmental problems and neurological damage.

  • Toxic mold- Poor housing can lead to toxic mold.  Toxic mold can cause serious breathing problems.  It can put people's health at risk, especially in lower income areas.

  • Formaldehyde- is a harmful chemical found in buildings and furniture.  It can cause irritation and cancer when people are exposed to high levels of it.  this danger is often unnoticed in homes and workplaces.

  • PFAS- or harmful chemicals, have been discovered in American water sources, posing risks to people's health and polluting the environment.

  • Lead poisoning- caused by lead pipes or paint, can seriously harm health, especially children.

  • Solvents- Both industrial and household solvents can pollute environments and pose significant health risks when improperly disposed.

  • Fracking- In the U.S, like in Texas and North Dakota, has raised worries about water pollution, air pollution and earthquakes.

  • Medical Monitoring- Monitoring in high-risk areas detects health problems early, as seen in industrial towns with toxic substances.

  • Toxic Emissions- Industrial and vehicle pollution release harmful substances into the air.  This poses a big risk to air quality, public health, and the stability of the climate.

  • Groundwater Contamination-Varied sources, from agriculture to industrial processes, can result in groundwater contamination that impacts local water supplies and disrupts ecosystems.

  • Soil Contamination-Misuse of pesticides and industrial waste disposal can degrade soil quality, impacting agriculture and natural ecosystems.

  • Property Damage-From hurricanes to wildfires, environmental disasters frequently lead to immense property damage and devaluation, often disproportionately impacting low-income communities.

What is the difference between a natural disaster and an industrial disaster? 

  • Petroleum-The oil leak from Taylor Energy in the Gulf of Mexico has had lingering effects on the environment.

  • Contaminated water- The Flint water crisis in 2014 revealed that residents were exposed to water contaminated with lead.  This crisis emphasized the importance of managing water properly and ensuring access to safe drinking water.

Natural disasters originate from nature.  However, they have the potential to trigger industrial disasters such as oil rig malfunctions, gas leaks, and water pollution. These industrial disasters are caused by human activities. Such environmental disasters can have broad, lasting effects, profoundly impacting ecosystems and communities, including future generations. Mass Tort lawsuits deal with events that can have a significant impact on the well-being of many people. These events cause various disruptions that are not typically seen in personal injury cases.

How can an Environmental Damage Lawyer Help You?

Following an environmental disaster, managing legal matters amidst stress and concerns for your family's health can be overwhelming.  Our skilled environmental lawyers can handle your damages claim while you attend to critical medical needs.

A skilled environmental injury lawyer can assist with:

  • Identifying the liable parties for the illness or injury.

  • Examinings evidence to reinforce your court claims.

  • Sourcing expert witnesses to corroborate causation and damages.

  • Assessing the accurate value of your family’s damages claim.

  • Negotiating with insurance companies to secure deserved compensation.

These are just a handful of roles your environmental lawyer would perform. To learn how our top-rated environmental damage lawyers can assist you, schedule a free consultation via the link below or call us anytime at (305)-486-7468.

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