Normal everyday household products that we take for granted may contain dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer or other side effects.  From weed killers in your garden to cookware in your kitchen, the companies that market these products conveniently forget to mention the dangerous side effects in their advertising.  The same goes for flea and tick collars that may cause injury or death to your feline or canine friends.  

Inaccurate and deceptive advertising can be as innocuous as having to pay more at the gas station when you use a debit card, to buying food that may contain dangerous allergens and cancerous-causing chemicals.  


False advertisement not only affects you, but it affects us all.  If you believe you may have been a victim of false advertising, call the skilled attorneys at The G Law Group to find out if you may have a case.  Free Consultation. No Obligation.  Our attorneys have the skills needed to aggressively pursue these claims on your behalf.  We won’t stop fighting until we get results for you.

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