The G Law Group is focused on stopping those who profit from sex trafficking and thereby ending the vicious cycle of sex trafficking.  Our attorneys are dedicated largely to helping the victims of sexual abuse and will work tirelessly to fight for victims of human or sex trafficking.

But you ask, how can women and children be trafficked in the commercial sex trade so easily in the United States? Hotels, motels, resorts, casinos, nightclubs, and other establishments allow this practice to flourish in our community by turning a blind eye to the problem.  In fact, some deem it to be more profitable to allow this behavior to occur, than actually doing something about the problem.

If you or someone you care about was the victim of sex trafficking, our caring and committed attorneys can help. We will review your case for free and with absolute confidentiality and privilege. 

Sex Trafficking Epidemic

Human sex trafficking has reached epidemic proportions in this country. According to the National Human Trafficking Resources Center, 17,819 incidents of sex trafficking were reported in the United States over a 10-year period. But as with most cases of sexual violence, the actual number is estimated to be much higher.

Victims come from many different backgrounds and of all ages. They include immigrants who are lured to the United States with the promise of jobs as well as American citizens, often runaways, who are kidnapped or lured into the illegal sex trade. Often these girls and women are held captive and transported to places where they are forced perform sex acts for days at a time.

Warning Signs 

While there are many signs that may indicate sex trafficking in any scenario.  Here are some examples:

Victims of sex trafficking might:

  • Have bruises, brands, or other signs of trauma

  • Look malnourished

  • Not have identification or possessions

  • Have poor physical or dental health

  • Not speak for themselves

  • Avoid eye contact

  • Live at their place of employment

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list of red flags — if you suspect that a business is turning a blind eye to sex trafficking under their roof, don’t hesitate to contact The G Law Group. Let’s stop turning a blind eye to this problem and fight back.

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