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Common White Collar Offenses

There are many different criminal charges that are considered to be “white collar.” Some of the white collar charges our firm defends against include:

  • Money Laundering — Money laundering occurs when a person or organization makes a profit from illegal activities and tries to conceal the source of the money. Money laundering can occur in many different ways.  Common examples are sham purchases of real estate, making several small deposits in multiple bank accounts, or funneling money through fictious businesses. Funds that are laundered are often obtained through drug trafficking, embezzlement, or other fraudulent schemes.

  • Embezzlement — Embezzlement is similar to theft, except in the case of embezzlement, the person has permission to temporarily have control of the funds and then decides to wrongfully keep them. Individuals accused of embezzlement typically include employees, corporate executives, bank tellers, and government officials.

  • Fraud — Fraud is a term that can refer to a wide variety of criminal acts that generally involve deceit for financial gain. Commons examples of fraud offenses are identity theft, investment fraud, bankruptcy fraud, bank fraud, check kiting, and Ponzi schemes.


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