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Product Liability Attorney

Miami, Florida

Have you been injured by a defective or dangerous product? 

Everyday household or workplace items such as kitchen appliances, household appliances, medical devices, vehicles, ATVs, beauty products, children’s toys, recreational items, exercise equipment, industrial machinery, and garden tools can cause significant injuries.  The injuries caused by defective products may include burns, scarring, disease, chronic illness, birth defects, amputations, traumatic brain injury, and even death.

If a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, or retailer sells a defective or dangerous product they can be liable for injuries and damages suffered by consumers.  Even e-commerce retailers like Amazon can be held responsible for dangerous or defective products that cause injuries and are sold on their platforms.  But product liability cases require attorneys that are well-versed in the state and federal laws that protect consumers from unscrupulous product manufacturers. Don’t entrust your product liability case to just any attorney.

Have you been injured by one of the following: 

Defective Design – A product that is defectively designed or fails to meet the consumer expectation test of reasonably safe when used.

Manufacturing Defect – A defective product that fails to match the design of the product. Poor workmanship or inferior materials used in production. 


Failure to Warn / Defective Marketing – A manufacturer or retailer’s failure to provide adequate warnings may cause injuries or death. 

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