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1. Seek immediate medical attention
The number one priority in the event of an accident, is the safety of everyone involved.  Immediately check the health of anyone vehicle occupants.  In the event of injury, it is important to call for immediate medical assistance as soon as possible. Prolonging seeking medical care may lead to more serious consequences down the road.

Paramedics and EMS can render vital aid immediately at the scene, while also ensuring that you are promptly transported to the hospital.  Emergency room physicians will properly diagnosis any resulting injuries and provide the necessary medical attention.  Failure to swiftly address injuries resulting from a rideshare accident can not only lead to significant medical problems, but can also delay resolution of your claim.

2. Take down any details of the incident and contact police
Once you have sought medical care for anyone involved, you’ll want to gather as much information and details concerning the accident as you can. This may include taking photos, videos, or jotting down notes.  Feel free to use your phone to help you memorialize any details regarding the accident.

Details you may wish to record include:

  • Photos/videos of any cuts/bruises/scraps/swelling

  • Any other injuries you may have

  • Any injuries of other vehicle occupants

  • Photos/videos of any damage to the vehicles involved

  • Photos/videos of the accident scene

  • Photo of the drivers’ license plates

  • Photos/videos of any damages to other drivers, pedestrians, or property

  • Telephone and other contact information for drivers/witnesses/anyone else on the scene

  • Insurance information of other drivers or pedestrians involved

Contact the police in order to report the accident, police at the scene will provide you with a Driver’s Exchange of Information that you can use later to obtain a crash report.

3. Contact a lawyer to discuss the details of your case
The next step is to call a lawyer who can help you understand your rights in the event of accident-related personal injury.

4. File an accident claim, if you choose
If your case is eligible, then our accident attorneys will discuss the all the pros and cons associated with making a claim. However, the final decision on whether to pursue an accident claim is up to you.  As with all of our other cases, the final decision on whether to make a claim or file a lawsuit will rest with you, the client.

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