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Birth Injury Attorney

Miami, Florida

Have You Suffered a Birth Injury?

Even though thousands of children are born every day in the United States, the process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery must be handled with great care, as both children and mothers may suffer serious injuries. Yet despite this, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 7 out of every 1000 children born in the United States will suffer from a birth injury.  These injuries can have a life-long impact on a family, and parents need to be aware of the potential injuries that can occur, the treatments that will be needed, and their options for receiving financial compensation. 

Damage to a child's brain can result in all sorts of complications, such as: intellectual disabilities, developmental disorders, even paralysis.

If a child is born before the pregnancy reaches full term, this can cause issues in the heart, brain, lungs, or central nervous system.

This developmental disorder, which can result in life-changing disabilities, is oftentimes caused by birth injuries.

Serious injuries can occur if a child's shoulders become lodged in the mother's pelvic area during delivery.

If a child suffers from a lack of oxygen during birth, this can lead to irreparable brain damage or even death.

What are common types of birth injuries to Mom?

Most hospitals have facilities that allow personnel to respond quickly to any issues that threaten injury to a fetus. Unfortunately, the same level of care is often not provided for mothers.  Doctors and nurses may be ill prepared to address complications that may threaten a mother's health during birth. Issues such as gestational hypertension, preeclampsia or amniotic fluid embolism may pose serious threats to a mother's health during pregnancy.  During delivery, mothers may suffer injuries such as, uterine inversion, uterine rupture, vaginal lacerations, nerve damage, pelvic organ prolapse, or post-partum hemorrhaging. These issues can lead to long term health problems, disability, or death.

What are common types of birth injuries to Baby?

An infant may be injured during pregnancy or birth for a variety of reasons.  Medical professional should be aware of any risk factors that are present and address any complications that may arise.  Unfortunately, more often than not, doctors and nurses are ill equipped to deal common risk factors.  This can cause life-lasting injuries.

Some common causes of birth injuries include labor induction, prolonged labor, subconjunctival hemorrhage, the use of forceps or vacuum extraction during delivery, and medication errors. A child may also suffer an injury because of complications related to breech birth or Cesarean delivery. During labor and delivery, medical professionals should closely monitor both the mother and the child and respond promptly to signs of fetal distress. Failure to take the proper steps to protect the safety and health of the baby and mother may be considered medical negligence.  Speak with one our top-rated birth injury attorneys today and find out if you may have been a victim of medical negligence.

What Causes Infant Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries that occur during pregnancy or childbirth are often caused by a lack of oxygen to the child, something known as asphyxia. This may occur because of complications resulting from labor induction or prolonged labor. Trauma during birth can also lead to skull fractures, brain damage, and other complications.

How Common Is Cerebral Palsy?

According to the CDC, Cerebral Palsy is the most common disability in childhood.  It affects around 1 in every 345 children in the United States. In many cases, a child experiences CP because of brain injuries that occurred during birth. However, oftentimes the condition is not diagnosed until a child is between the ages of three and five. Parents need to be aware of the causes of CP and the treatments that are available.

Could My Birth Injury Have Been Prevented?

While some birth injuries are unavoidable, many are preventable if the proper medical attention is given. During pregnancy, a doctor should address any potential risk factors for fetal or maternal injuries. During labor and delivery, the mother and child must be properly monitored, and any complications should be addressed immediately.

How Can a Birth Injury Attorney Help my Baby and I?

It can be extremely difficult dealing with a birth injury on your own.  You may be feeling many different emotions, ranging from fear, anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, helplessness etc.  Take some of that stress away by speaking with one our skilled birth injury attorneys today.  Learn all options available to you and your family.  Our initial consultation is free of charge and we don’t charge a penny in fees unless we obtain compensation for you. 

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